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Trauma Therapy in English in Munich


Welcome to my landing page for trauma therapy in Munich.

I am currently offering trauma therapy in Munich to those who prefer working with a therapist in English.

My methods include Hypnosis, Havening Techniques®, and body-oriented trauma therapy based on the methods of NARM (Neuro Affective Relational Model).

If you’d like more information about me and my work, please follow the link to my homepage.

As I am based in Füssen, sessions in Munich are limited and currently only available on Saturdays.

In-person sessions in Munich are 90 minutes and cost 170€.

Follow up session are also available via Zoom and cost 135€ for 90 minutes.

Please contact me for a free 20-minute telephone or Zoom consultation!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sophia English-Welcker

 Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapy

Praxis English-Welcker

Am Ziegelstadel 16, 87629 Füssen

Tel: 08362 / 1298314


WhatsApp: 0152 03401710

Contact me:

Thank You!

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